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Wisconsin Online Driver Education and Wisconsin Licensing Procedures

The process of applying for your Wisconsin learner’s permit or first Wisconsin driver’s license can be nerve-racking, but it doesn’t have to be if you have the right information. We want you to get as much out of this experience as possible and have designed this guide to help guide you through the process. Wisconsin has a “Graduated Driver License Program()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/index.htm for Wisconsin teen drivers, and there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that applying for your first Wisconsin driver’s license goes as smoothly as possible. So let’s get started.

The Wisconsin Learner’s Permit or Wisconsin Instruction Permit

When you turn 15 and a half, you can apply for a Wisconsin Instruction Permit. Remember, you must practice driving with your parent, guardian, or driving instructor who is 19 years or older. You can also practice driving with a licensed driver who is over 21, providing your parents give consent.

To apply, you’ll need the following items:

  • Get your driving instructor to certify your application (course must begin within 60 days of certification)
  • Complete or enroll in a Wisconsin approved education course
  • Have your parent/guardian sign your Wisconsin Instruction Permit application
  • Or find a “valid adult sponsor()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/teens/sponsorship.htm
  • “Provide proof of identity documents()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/getlic.htm
  • $35 Wisconsin Instruction Permit fee

Once you’re ready, “make an appointment()”:https://trust.dot.state.wi.us/arts/Login.htm, then head on down to your “local Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicle Office()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/about/locate/dmv/scmap.htm (DMV) with your parent or guardian and submit your application. Then, you’ll have to take the following tests:

  • knowledge test
  • highway signs test
  • vision screening.

If you survive, then congratulations. You’ve just earned your Wisconsin Instruction Permit!

Once you’ve held your Wisconsin Instruction Permit for 6 months and have met a few more requirements, you’ll graduate to the next step in the Wisconsin Graduated License Program, the Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License.

The Wisconsin Probationary Driver License or Wisconsin Provisional License

You can apply for your Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License once you’ve held your Wisconsin Instruction Permit for 6 months in good standing. However, you’ll need to make sure you meet these requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Hold a Wisconsin Instruction Permit for 6 months
  • No Wisconsin traffic violations for 6 months prior to application
  • Complete 30 hours of driving practice – 10 of these hours must be at night
  • Record your practice hours in a “driving log()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/docs/hs303.pdf, which your parent or sponsor must verify
  • Present proof of completion of a Wisconsin approved driver education course
  • Don’t forget the $34 probationary driver license fee

All set? Then, make an appointment and head on down to your local Wisconsin DMV Office again. Remember to bring your parent/guardian, your identification documents, and your Wisconsin Instruction Permit. The only remaining obstacle is the dreaded Wisconsin road test. If you pass, then your reward is your Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License! Now you’re just a few more months of good behavior away from getting your full license.

Wisconsin Teen Driver License Restrictions and Penalties

Despite your new-found driving confidence, there are still a few “restrictions()”:http://www.transportation.wv.gov/dmv/Driver-Licenses/Pages/DrivingLicenseInformation.aspx%22%20%5Cl%20%22Where%20to%20Go you’ll have to live with for the first 9 months of your Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License:

  • You may be accompanied by family members but must follow these passenger restrictions:
  • Person who holds a valid license and has 2 years of driving experience, a qualified driving instructor, spouse, or is 21 or older
  • Other person
  • No driving alone from midnight to 5AM
  • The exception to this driving curfew is if you’re driving to/from work or school

These restrictions will be extended by 6 months if you violate any of these restrictions, receive a Wisconsin traffic ticket, or your license is suspended or revoked for other reasons. However, once you turn 19, you can apply for your Wisconsin Regular Driver License. Take a deep breath—you’ve earned it!

Wisconsin Auto Insurance Financial Responsibility Laws

You may think you’re ready to drive just because you’ve received your Wisconsin Provisional Driver license, but there are still other things you need to know. Most crucially, Wisconsin drivers are required by law to be covered by “liability insurance()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/drivers/apply/doc/proof-of-ins.htm. You risk suspension of your Wisconsin Learner Permit or Wisconsin Probationary Driver’s License if you are in an accident and found to be driving without Wisconsin mandatory liability insurance, so make getting your vehicle insured a top priority.

The minimum liability insurance coverage is:

  • $25,000 bodily injury for one person
  • $50,000 bodily injury two or more people
  • $10,000 for property damage per accident

Wisconsin Drunk Driving, Cell Phone, and Text Messaging Laws

As a Wisconsin teen driver, your top priority should be to keep yourself and your passengers safe. It is important for you, therefore, to learn the Wisconsin drunk driving, cell phone, and text messaging laws. Like most states, Wisconsin has a Zero Tolerance Law for underage drinking, and if you are convicted of a Wisconsin OUI or Wisconsin OWI, your Wisconsin Learner’s Permit or Wisconsin Driver’s License will be suspended.

In general, upon your first conviction of a Wisconsin OWI of .08, you’ll face the following penalties:

  • Fine $150 to $300
  • SR22 Insurance Required
  • Alcohol Assessment
  • License Suspension 6 to 9 months

Needless to say, further Wisconsin OWI and OUI convictions will result in harsher penalties, including increased jail time, community service, fines, and Wisconsin license suspension or even Wisconsin license revocation.

Wisconsin law prohibitsdrivers from text-messaging while driving. We know it’s tempting, but text messaging creates a distraction, and a distracted driver is a dangerous one!

Wisconsin Online Driver Education

Wisconsin teen drivers are required to enroll in a Wisconsin-approved driver education class in order to qualify for a learner’s permit. You can find more information about approved Wisconsin online driver education on the “Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) website()”:http://www.dot.wisconsin.gov/drivers/teens/cdschools.htm.

Wisconsin Frequently Asked Questions
Wisconsin Frequently Asked Questions
  • What forms of payment do you accept for the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver education course?
    The TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin internet driver education course accepts payment in the form of credit card, check, online check, and money order. You may also select the “pay later” option, allowing you to delay payment until prior to taking the final examination.
  • How quickly can I receive the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin internet driver ed certificate of completion?
    It depends on your selected method of shipping at registration. TeenDrivingCourse.com offers several convenient options for shipping your Wisconsin certificate of completion, including regular US Mail and Federal Express. If you select regular US Mail, your online Wisconsin traffic school will certificate will be delivered in 7-10 business days. If you select Federal Express, you have the option of selecting Priority Overnight delivery (by or before 10:30AM the next business morning), Standard Overnight delivery (by or before 5PM the next business day), Second Day delivery (by or before 5PM on the second business day), Express delivery (by or before 5PM on the third business day), or Saturday Federal Express delivery (by or before 12PM on Saturday), if you complete your online Wisconsin traffic school course on a Friday.
  • I’m really in a hurry to pay. Is the website secure for an internet check payment?
    Yes! TeenDrivingCourse.com uses the very latest in SSL data encryption technology to make sure that your personal and payment information is 100% secure. In addition to internet check payments, we also offer other payment methods for our Wisconsin internet driver education course, including credit card and check.
  • Can you tell me the exact cost of the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver ed course for new drivers?
    The TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver ed course or new drivers course is $24.99. Discounts may be available if you have a “refer a friend” discount code.
  • Can I take a Wisconsin internet driver education program for new drivers after I turn 16?
    In most states, you must be at least 15 1/2 to take driver ed for your learner’s permit. Please check with your State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) (or whichever state agency handles the issuing of drivers’ licenses in Wisconsin) to be sure that you are eligible to take Wisconsin driver education.
  • If I sign up for your Wisconsin internet driver ed course, do I need to take the whole Wisconsin online driver ed course right away?
    No. You can start-and-stop the Wisconsin driver ed course as often as you like—at TeenDrivingCourse.com you set the schedule! Once you finish the Wisconsin driver ed internet course, you must take a Wisconsin final exam. If you don’t pass the Wisconsin test on your first try, you can retake it as many times as you need until you pass!
  • Is there a Wisconsin insurance discount allowed if I pass the Wisconsin online driver ed course?
    It depends on which state you live in and which company you are insured with. In some states, insurance carriers do offer insurance discounts to teen-aged drivers who successfully complete an online Wisconsin driver education course. We recommend that you contact your insurance agent in Wisconsin to see what, if any, discount you may qualify for by enrolling in TeenDrivingCourse.com’s Wisconsin online driver education course.
  • Can I access the Wisconsin online driver education course from a different computer than the one I registered on?
    Yes, you can do that. You’re free to access the Wisconsin online driver ed course from any computer(s) with internet access, with no limit to the number of computers that you can use. For example, you can take part of the Wisconsin online driver ed course[Is this a copy/paste problem or is there a separate learner’s permit course?] at work and another part of the Wisconsin online driver ed course from home. Whatever works for you!
  • I will need frequent breaks within the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver ed course. Will I be able to start and stop the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin internet driver ed course?
    You may take the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin internet driver ed course in more than one sitting. In fact, you are only allowed to take 3 hours of instruction per day. If you stop during one part of the course the computer will track where you left off, and then you will be able to pick up your Wisconsin online driver ed course exactly where you left off.
  • When I complete the Wisconsin online drivers education course, I will need my Wisconsin certificate by the end of the week. Is this possible?
    Yes, it is. We recommend that you select a preferred method of shipping at registration. We offer regular US mail shipping and expedited shipping through Federal Express, and you can receive your Wisconsin certificate in as little as 24 hours.
  • What is the total amount of instruction time offered in the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver education course?
    The total amount of time you will be spending on the Wisconsin online driver education course[Is this the online learner’s permit course or the driver education course? This is confusing.] is about 30 hours of classroom instruction time. However, there’s a chance you won’t have to spend the full 30 hours taking the Wisconsin online driver education course if you live in a state that does not require timers[How would the computer know what state you live in and all of a sudden the timer function is disabled? This makes no sense to me. I would delete this sentence.].
  • I don’t think I’m going to be able to finish the Wisconsin online driver ed course. Can I ask for a refund?
    Yes, you’re free to ask for a refund at any point during the Wisconsin online driver ed course as long as your Wisconsin certificate of completion has not yet been shipped. This is a more generous policy than offered by our competitors, who do not allow refund requests after a certain point in the Wisconsin internet driver education course.
  • I’m worried that the large amounts of printed text in the Wisconsin online driver education course will be difficult for me to read. Does TeenDrivingCourse.com offer any options that may help me?
    We have made it easier for individuals like yourself by providing a “Read Along” function for all of our Wisconsin online driver education school courses. Since the Wisconsin online driver education course text is read aloud while you follow along online, you will not be burdened with struggling to read large amounts of text.
  • How can I find out if TeenDrivingCourse.com’s online teen driver ed course satisfies all Wisconsin DMV/DVS approved class requirements?
    The Wisconsin Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)—or the equivalent department for your state—will be able to tell you whether TeenDrivingCourse.com will fulfill your state’s driver education requirements or whether TeenDrivingCourse.com may be taken as a supplement to the driver education and/or training you will receive at a state-approved driving school.
  • Can you please tell me what Wisconsin driver education paperwork I need before I can start learning to drive a car?
    Chances are good you’ll need at least a Wisconsin driver education certificate of completion, and a proper, government-issued ID (such as a birth certificate). However, each state has its own requirements, and as such we recommend that you contact a Wisconsin DMV office near where you live and ask what specific documents the Wisconsin DMV will need you to bring when you go to take your Wisconsin learner’s permit written exam.
  • Will I be able to pass the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver ed course if I do not answer all the questions correctly on the Wisconsin internet driver ed course quizzes?
    You do not need to be concerned if you do not answer all questions correctly on the Wisconsin online driver ed course quizzes. The Wisconsin online driver ed course quizzes are meant to prepare you for the TeenDrivingCourse.com Wisconsin online driver education course final exam, and they do not count toward your final grade.
  • A friend of mine took Wisconsin driver education in a classroom setting. How much of a difference is there between Wisconsin classroom driver education and Wisconsin online driver education?
    There can be quite a difference. With Wisconsin online driver ed at TeenDrivingCourse.com there’s no worry that you’ll be stuck sitting in a classroom for hours on end listening to a teacher. TeenDrivingCourse.com allows students the freedom to learn at their own pace! If your state does not approve online driver education, then you may be required to attend a Wisconsin driver ed class. If that’s the case, the Wisconsin driver ed course offered byTeenDrivingCourse.com makes an excellent supplemental learning tool that will strengthen what you learn in the classroom.
  • Will you need me to show that I am who I claim to be while I’m taking the Wisconsin online driver ed course?
    Only if your state requires us to. If your state requires us to verify your identity for the online drivers ed course (not every state does), it will likely take the form of us asking you personal questions at various times during the course. Some states do this to make sure that each student is taking a state online driver education course without the help of anyone else.
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