Alaska Frequently Asked Questions
How old do you have to be in Alaska to take an online driver education instruction permit exam?
In Alaska, you must be at least 14 years old to to get your instruction permit to drive by taking an online drivers education exam.
Who is allowed to take online drivers education classes in Alaska?
So long as you are at least 14 years old, you're qualified to take Teen Driving Course Alaska online drivers education class for educational purposes.  However, you will need to check with your local Alaska DMV office to find out if the online driver education program Teen Driving Course offers in Alaska will satisfy your state's standards for driving education and instruction permit education.  Because state and even local laws often vary, it's important that you contact your local Alaska court or the Alaska DMV to see if Teen Driving Course's program will satisfy all of your Alaska driver education and instruction permit education requirements.
What forms or paperwork do I need to have before I can learn to drive a car?
In order to obtain your Alaska instruction permit, you will need to provide the Alaska DMV with two (2) forms of identification and written permission from your parent or legal guardian (unless your parents are with you when you go to take your driving test).
In Alaska, how many opportunities will I have to take the TeenDrivingCourse online driver education final exam?
You have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass Teen Driving Course's Alaska online drivers education class final exam at no additional cost!
How many questions are on the final exam at the end of this class?
In Alaska, your online driver education exam will consist of twenty (20) questions.  You will need to get at least 16 correct (80%) in order to pass.
Does your course meet all Alaska DMV requirements?
Teen Driving Course's online driver education program is mainly an additional tool for learning safe driving techniques and preparing to take your formal written and road tests through the Alaska DMV.  However, if you are required to attend a drivers education class prior to obtaining your Alaska instruction permit, an online drivers education program may qualify since Alaska only has a limited number of physical locations that are qualified to instruct Alaska teen drivers and many teen-agers live far away from highly-populated areas.  We recommend that you contact the Alaska DMV to see if Teen Driving Course's online drivers education program will satisfy your state's requirements for obtaining an instruction permit or drivers license.
How long until I receive my Alaska online driver education certificate of completion?
It's up to you!  At Teen Driving Course, you have several options to choose from when having your Alaska online driver education certificate of completion sent to you.  You choices are either regular mail (USPS) or FedEx delivery (which of course costs a little more).  FedEx offers ground, 3rd day, 2nd day and even overnight delivery options.  If change your mind after you make your selection, simply log in to Teen Driving Course and change your delivery options at any time prior to your completion of your Alaska online driver education program.
I received my Alaska driver instruction permit. When can I start driving?
Once you have completed the Teen Driving Course online driver education course and have successfully obtained your Alaska instruction permit, you can begin driving right away.  However, at all times you will have to be accompanied by a licensed Alaska driver who is at least 21 years old and has more than one year of driving experience until you receive an Alaska drivers license.  Please drive with care, especially during the winter months when road conditions are far more dangerous and it will often be dark when you drive.
How long do I need to have my permit before I can get my driver’s license?
If you are between the ages of 16 and 17, you must have your permit for at least 6 months before you can try to get an Alaska driver's license.
Am I required to do behind-the-wheel training to receive my Alaska instruction permit or drivers license?
Alaska law requires you to have some behind-the-wheel training before receiving your Alaska instruction permit or drivers license.  However, you are not required to attend a professional driving school to obtain the behind-the-wheel practice you need to obtain your Alaska instruction permit or drivers license.  We recommend that you contact the Alaska DMV for more information regarding behind-the-wheel training requirements.
How many hours of supervised driving do I have to have before I can get my driver’s license?
The Alaska DMV requires you to have 40 hours of supervised driving before sitting for your formal Alaska drivers license written and on-the-road exams.  At least 10 of those hours has to be at night.  We recommend that you contact the Alaska DMV for specifics regarding the state's supervised driving requirements.
Can my friends ride with me after I get my Alaska instruction permit?
Yes, you can drive with your friends in the car once you get your Alaska instruction permit.  However, there must be at least one (1) 21-year-old (or older) Alaska licensed driver who has at least one (1) year of driving experience, sitting in the front passenger seat while you drive.
Can my friends ride with me after I get my Alaska drivers license?
For the first six (6) months after receiving your Alaska drivers license, the license will only have provisional status.  During that period, you may drive with friends in your car, HOWEVER--a parent, legal guardian or licensed Alaska driver who's at least 21 years old must be present.  When your provisional license period has ended, this restriction will be lifted and you can drive unsupervised with your friends in the car.
Can I drive alone with my Alaska instruction permit?
Not if you want to keep your driving privileges!   With an Alaska instruction permit, an Alaska licensed driver who's at least  21 years old and has at least 1 year of driving experience MUST be seated in the front passenger seat any time you drive.  If you drive without this required supervision, you very likely will have your driving privileges suspended which means you will not be able to obtain an Alaska drivers license for some time after you would normally be eligible.  If you have an instruction permit, DON'T DRIVE ALONE--  it's not worth the risk.  You'll be driving independently soon enough.
How much is the Teen Driving Course Alaska online driver education class?
Teen Driving Course offers the most competitive prices of any Alaska driver education provider.  The prices of Teen Driving Course's Alaska online driver education classes vary depending on what season it is.  For our current prices, please see our home page, or click on the "Course Options" tab.
Can I get my money back if I'm dissatisfied with Teen Driving Course's program?
You bet!  Teen Driving Course stands behind its product with a 100% money back guarantee.  If our Alaska online driver education program doesn't meet your expectations for whatever reason, we'll gladly refund your money any time before we send out your completion certificate.