Arkansas Frequently Asked Questions
What age does someone need to be to take the Arkansas instruction permit test?
You need to be at least 14 years old to take the Arkansas instruction permit test and start practicing to receive your Arkansas learners license.
Who gets to take the Teen Driving Course Arkansas online drivers education course?
Everyone is allowed to take our Teen Driving Course Arkansas online drivers education course at least for educational purposes.  However, you had better check with the Arkansas DMV to see if the Teen Driving Course online drivers ed class fulfills Arkansas DMV drivers education requirements.
Are there any documents the Arkansas DMV needs from me before they'll let me learn to drive?
You will need to provide the Arkansas DMV with proof of your identity, proof that you legally reside in Arkansas, your social security number, and proof of insurance the car you will be driving.
What if I don’t pass the Arkansas drivers test? Can I take the Arkansas online driver education test more than once?
If you don't pass the Arkansas driver education test, it's okay.  The Arkansas DMV will allow you to retake the exam as many times as necessary until you pass it.  The only thing is you'll probably have to wait one (1) day before you can go back to the Arkansas DMV's office to take the test again.
How many questions are on Teen Driving Course's Arkansas online driver education class' final exam?
Teen Driving Course's Arkansas online driver education final exam will have 25 questions.
Does your the Teen Driving Course Arkansas online driver education course meet Arkansas DMV requirements?
The Teen Driving Course Arkansas online driver education class is primarily an education tool that's designed to help you learn the basics of safe driving and prepare you for the Arkansas DMV written exams and road tests.  If you're wondering if our online drivers education class will satisfy Arkansas DMV requirements, please contact the Arkansas DMV.
How many days does it take for me to receive my certificate of completion from Teen Driving Course?
When you sign up with Teen Driving Course, you get to choose how quickly you want to receive your Arkansas online drivers education certificate of completion.  You can have it delivered via standard first-class mail, or you can pay extra to have the certificate delivered by FedEx.  It's up to you.
I finished the Arkansas online driver education program! When can I start driving?
If you have received your Arkansas instruction permit, you can start driving now but remember that a 21-yr-old licensed driver must be seated in the front passenger seat at all times.  This and other restrictions will gradually be lifted as you work your way up to your Arkansas intermediate drivers license and your unrestricted Arkansas drivers license.
How long will I need to have my learners permit in Arkansas before I can get my regular drivers license?
If you are between the ages of 14 and 16 and have your Arkansas instruction permit, you can begin to practice driving to qualify for your Arkansas learners permit. 

To get a learners permit, you must not incur any traffic violations for six (6) months and pass the Arkansas learners permit exam.  

The next step is to obtain your Arkansas intermediate drivers license by passing the Arkansas DMV road test, and not incur a traffic violation for six (6) months. You must be at least 16 to be eligible for an intermediate drivers license.

You will not be eligible for an regular, unrestricted Arkansas drivers license until you turn 18.
Do I have to get behind-the-wheel training before I receive my Arkansas drivers license?
Actually, the State of Arkansas does not require behind the wheel training hours for you to take your Arkansas drivers license exam.  Nevertheless, it may be a good idea to get at least some hands-on instruction as it will greatly help improve your safe driving skills.
How many hours of supervised driving do I have to have before I can get my Arkansas drivers license?
The Arkansas DMV has no driving requirement to obtain a valid Arkansas intermediate drivers license.  You only need to be 16 years old, have a valid Arkansas learners permit, and have no citations on your record during the previous six (6) months.
Can people ride with me after I get my Arkansas instruction permit or learners license? What about an intermediate license?
If you have an Arkansas instruction permit or learner's license, or you may drive with passengers in the car SO LONG AS a 21-year old licensed driver is seated in the front passenger seat next to you. 

With an intermediate license, you may only drive with one (1) non-family minor passenger in the vehicle unless you are accompanied by a 21-year old licensed driver is seated in the front passenger seat next to you. 
Can I have passengers ride with me after I get my Arkansas drivers license?
The Arkansas DMV allows you to drive with passengers without adult supervision, after you turn 16 and have obtained your Arkansas intermediate drivers license.
Can I drive alone with my Arkansas learners permit?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!   Unless you want to lose your driving privileges, don't even try it!  If you hold an Arkansas learners' permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver of at least 21 years of age in the front passenger seat at all times when you drive.  This law is for your safety as well as the safety as others on the road.
My family is on a really tight budget. How expensive is Teen Driving Course's Arkansas driver education course?
Don't worry, the prices for Teen Driving Course's Arkansas online drivers education classes are reasonable.  However, they do vary in price depending on what season we're in.  Please click on "Course Options" to see our current prices.
Can I get my money back If I'm not happy with the Teen Driving Course Arkansas driver education course?
If you are not completely satisfied with Teen Driving Course's Arkansas online drivers education program, all you need to do is request a refund before we ship out your certificate of completion and we'll return your money.  It's Teen Driving Course's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
In Arkansas, how many opportunities will I have to take the final exam for TeenDrivingCourseonline driver education class?

You have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass Teen Driving Course's Arkansas online drivers education class final exam at no additional cost!