Delaware Frequently Asked Questions
How old does somone have to be in order to take the Delaware learners permit test?
A person must be between 16 and 18 years old to get a Delaware learners permit.
Are there any restrictions on who can take Teen Driving Course's Delaware online drivers education class?
Anyone can take Teen Driving Course's Delaware online drivers education class for educational purposes.  However, if you're wondering if Teen Driving Course's drivers ed program would fulfill the drivers education requirements set forth by the Delaware DMV, you will need to contact the Delaware DMV to find out if they would accept Teen Driving Course.
What paperwork does the Delaware DMV need from me so I can take my driving test?
Most states typically require that you provide proof of identity, proof of legal residence, social security number, and proof of car insurance.  Check with the Delaware DMV for the specific items they require.
In Delaware, how many opportunities will I have to take the final exam for TeenDrivingCourseonline driver education class?

You have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass Teen Driving Course's Delaware online drivers education class final exam at no additional cost!


How many questions are on the final exam at the end of this course?
The final exam of the Teen Driving Course's Delaware online drivers education class includes 25 questions and you will need to get at least 19 correct to pass it.
Does your course meet all Delaware DMV requirements?
Teen Driving Course is designed to help Delaware students pass their written drivers tests and, perhaps more importantly, learn safe driving skills.  Although Teen Driving Course is not pre-approved by the Delaware DMV to fulfill the state's driving education requirements, you should still contact the Delaware DMV to see if they will allow you to take a Teen Driving Course online drivers education class in place of other mandated courses to fulfill the drivers education requirements.
How long does it take your staff to send me my completion certificate after I pass the Teen Driving Course Delaware online driving education class' final exam?
When you sign up to take an online class with Teen Driving Course, you can choose whether to have your certificate of completion delivered to you via regular USPS mail (at no additional cost) via FedEx express delivery (for an additional shipping charge).  You are allowed change your delivery options at any time prior to your certificate's shipment.
When can I start driving with my Delaware learners permit?
After you're done with the Delaware online Teen Driving Course and have your Delaware learners permit , you can start driving.  However, you must have a licensed driver who's at least 25 years old with 5 years driving experience sitting next to you in the front passengers seat whenever you drive.
How long do I have to have my Delaware learners permit before I'm eligible to get a Delaware drivers license?
If you are between 17 and 18, you can get a Delaware drivers license if you have held a Delaware learners permit for one (1) year or 12 months, and have passed both your written and road tests.
Do I have to take drivers education in Delaware before I can get my drivers license?
To get a license in Delaware, you must pass a Delaware driver education course.  Contact the Delaware DMV today to see if Teen Driving Course can fulfill this requirement from the comfort of your own home.
How many hours of supervised driving do I have to have before I can get my Delaware drivers license?
You'll need 50 hours of driving practice, 10 of which should be at night, supervised by a licensed Delaware driver 25 years or older with five years of driving experience.  This supervised driving will need to be signed off on by a parent or legal guardian.
Can anybody ride with me after I get my Delaware learners permit?
For the first 6 months after you get your learners permit, you're only allowed to have one (1) passenger in addition to a licensed, 25-year-old driver with at at least 5 years driving experience.  For the second 6 months, you still can have only one (1) passenger ride with you, but the additional supervision will no longer be required.
Can anybody ride with me now that I have my Delaware drivers license?
Yes, all restrictions on passengers are lifted once you receive your Delaware driver's license.  However, please be sure to remember the safe driving techniques you learn through your behind-the-wheel training and the Teen Driving Course Delaware online drivers education class.

To quote Yoda from Star Wars, "Mind what you have learned--save you it can!"
Can I drive alone with my Delaware learners permit?
No, not immediately.  During the first six (6) months after you get your Delaware learners permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver of at least 25 years of age with 5 years' driving experience. After that, you can drive alone betweem 6am and 10pm.
How much money does Teen Driving Course charge for its Delaware online drivers education class?
The prices for our online driving education classes in Delaware varies with each season.  Click on our "Course Options" page to see our current class prices.
Does Teen Driving Course give refunds?
If you are not happy with Teen Driving Course's Delaware online drivers education class, just let us know before we ship your completion certificate.  Our 100% money-back guarantee assures you can get a refund at any time before then if our course doesn't meet up with your expectations.