Illinois Frequently Asked Questions
How old do I have to be before I can take my learners permit test in Illinois?
You will be eligible to get our Illinois learners permit once you turn 15, however, you will need to enroll in an Illinois DMV-approved drivers ed class and you will need to keep your learners permit with you when you attend the class.

Can I take Illinois drivers education classes over the internet?
Anyone can take Teen Driving Course Illinois drivers education classes over the internet for the purpose of preparing yourself for your written drivers test and to enhance your safe driving skills.

However, at this time, the Illinois DMV has not pre-approved online or internet driver education classes to satisfy the state's driver ed requirements.  You will need to call the DMV to see If Teen Driving Course's online class will meet Illinois' drivers education requirement.
Will the Illinois DMV need any paperwork or documents from me before I start driving?
Yes.  The Illinois DMV will require you to submit proof of identity, your social security number, proof of auto insurance either (under your name or your parents name if you are covered by them).  In addition, you will need to show you are a resident of Illinois, and your parent or legal guardian will need to come with you to a DMV or Secretary of State office location to sign the parental consent form in person.
In Illinois, how many opportunities will I have to take the final exam for TeenDrivingCourseonline driver education class?
You have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass Teen Driving Course's Illinois online drivers education class final exam at no additional cost!
Do I need to pass a test to complete Teen Driving Course? If so, how many questions are on it?
Teen Driving Course does have a 35-question final exam which is given at the end of the Illinois online driver education class.  We'll let you take the exam as many times as needed to pass, with no additional charge.
Does the Teen Driving Course online driver ed class satisfy DMV requirements?
Teen Driving Course is a mainly an additional educational tool, designed to help you prepare for your drivers permit test and help you become a safer driver.

However, in certain cases it may be possible for you to take online driver ed classes like Teen Driving Course to satisfy Illinois DMV requirements.  You should contact your local Illinois DMV or SOS office to learn more about this opportunity.
How long will it take to get my certificate of completion?
Teen Driving Course will get your certificate to you as quickly as you want.  When you register, just select your preferred delivery method.  You can use USPS ground delivery for 3-5 business day service.  Or, for an extra charge, you can choose FedEx express delivery to receive your certificate of completion (FedEx 3rd Day, 2nd Day, or Overnight delivery is available).  It's your call!
Can I start driving as soon as I get my Illinois learners permit?
If you have received your Illinois learners permit, you may begin driving, but you must be accompanied by a licensed driver who's at least 21 years old at all times, no exceptions.
How long do I need to have my learners permit before I can get my Illinois drivers license?
You must have your Illinois instruction (learners) permit for at least three (3) months before you're eligible to move up to an unrestricted drivers license.  You must also be at least 16 years old to get an unrestricted drivers license. 

By the way, If you are at least 17 years and 9 months old, you may apply for an instruction (learners) permit without taking a driver education course.  Otherwise, you also need to complete the drivers education course before you are ready to take your Illinois drivers license examinations.  For more information, please contact the Illinois DMV.
Do I need behind-the-wheel training to get my Illinois drivers license?
Yes, you do.  Illinois drivers must complete a driver education course with at least 30 classroom hours and six (6) additional hours of on-the-road training with a licensed professional instructor. 

If you complete the course with a high enough grade, you might be able to skip your road test when you apply for your Illinois drivers license.  Please check with the Illinois DMV for more information. 
Do I need to log any supervised driving outside the classroom?
Yes.  in addition to taking a state-approved drivers ed course. the Illinois DMV requires you to log at least 50 hours of adult-supervised driving practice before applying for your Illinois drivers license (10 of which must be at night).  By enrolling in Teen Driving Course's online class, you will learn the skills you need to become a safe driver and adequately prepare for your supervised driving as well as your Illinois drivers license tests.
Can my friends ride with me if I have a learners permit?
Yes, but there are restrictions.  First, you must have a 21-year-old licensed Illinois driver sitting next to you in the front passenger seat while you drive.  Second, you may only have as many friends or other passengers in the car with you as there are safety belts in the car.  So if you have only two (2) seat belts in the back seat, you can only have two (2) friends ride with you and the licensed driving supervisor.
Can my friends ride with me after I get my Illinois drivers license?
For the first 12 months, or until you turn 18 (whichever comes first), you can only have a one (1) front seat passenger and as many passengers in the back as there are safety belts.  Every passenger in the car must have a seat belt exclusively available to him or her.
Can I drive alone with my Illinois learners permit?
Absolutely Not.  As you will learn when you take the Teen Driving Course Illinois online drivers ed class, you can never drive alone with your drivers/instruction/learners permit.  You must always be accompanied by a 21-year-old or older licensed Illinois driver seated in the passenger-side front seat.
How much money does the Teen Driving Course class cost?
The Illinois Teen Driving Course online drivers ed classes vary in price according to season, in an effort to maintain the lowest industry prices.  Please see our "Course Options" for current prices on Illinois online driver ed classes.  Teen Driving Course is an awesome way to sharpen your defensive driving skills, and investing a small amount in this class now will most likely end up saving you a lot more later on (i.e.--traffic tickets, costly accident repairs, and maybe even your own life!).
Can I get a refund?
Yes!  Teen Driving Course fully stands behind its product.  If you're not completely satisfied with our online drivers education class for any reason, we'll gladly refund your money any time prior to us sending out your certificate of completion.