Kansas Frequently Asked Questions
How old do I have to be in Kansas to get my driving learners permit?
Under Kansas law, you'll be eligible to receive your learners' permit after your 14th birthday provided you have your parents' permission.  The Kansas Dept of Revenue Division of Vehicles (DRDV) will not issue you an instruction permit, driver license, or farm permit unless your application is signed by a parent or legal guardian.
Who is allowed to take Kansas online drivers education courses?
Anybody can take Teen Driving Course's Kansas online drivers education to help prepare for their driving tests  and learn safe driving skills.  However, you will need to contact the Kansas DMV to see if online driver education can fulfill Kansas' official driver education requirements.
What documents or paperwork do I need to provide before I can take my driver/instruction permit/learners permit test in Kansas?
The Kansas DRDV will require you to provide a proper form of identification and legal residence, your social security number, and proof that you have car insurance or are covered by your parents' insurance plan.  Please contact the DRDV for a complete list of required documents you will need to bring to the test site.
What if I don’t pass the Kansas drivers license test? Can I take the test over?
You are given four (4) chances to pass the written part of the test and four (4) chances to pass the driving part of the test.  After the fourth (4th)  failure of either test, you will have to wait six (6) months before trying again.  If you don't pass the test, you may want to take some time to study the manual and/or want to practice driving with your parent's supervision.  However, you are legally permitted to go back and re-take the test(s) on the very next business day.

But hey, don't stress about it!  Teen Driving Course's online education class offers quizzes and other valuable learning tools that will help you learn exactly what you need to know so you will likely dominate your driving test(s) on the first try!
How many questions are on the final exam at the end of the Teen Driving Course Kansas online driver ed class?
The Teen Driving Course Kansas online driver ed class has a 35-question final exam which you'll take at the end of the class.  You will need 28 correct answers to pass the exam.  If you do not pass it, you may retake it as many times as you need, at no extra cost, until you do pass it.
Does your course meet all Kansas DLDV requirements?
Teen Driving Course's driving education online class is intended to be help you prepare for your driving tests and become a safe driver.  If you are interested in taking Teen Driving Course's online driver ed class in place of a classroom drivers ed class required by the Kansas DRDV, please contact your local DRDV office for more information.
When will I receive my Teen Driving Course certificate of completion?
When you register to take the Kansas online drivers education class at www.teendrivingcourse.com, you can select to have your certificate of completion sent to you via regular USPS mail (at no extra cost to you), or you can have it sent via FedEx 3rd day, 2nd day or Overnight delivery for an additional fee.
Now that I have my Kansas instruction permit, can I start driving?
Yes, if you've received learners permit, your Kansas you can begin driving  immediately, but you must be accompanied by a licensed driver 21 years or older, seated in the front passengers seat, at all times.

Please be aware that with an instruction permit or restricted drivers license, the use of cell phones, texting and other wireless communication devices may NOT be used while driving in Kansas except to seek medical or emergency assistance.
How long do I need to have my instruction permit before I can get my real drivers license in Kansas?
You must hold a Kansas learners permit for at least one (1) year before you can apply for a Kansas drivers license, and you must have reached your 15th birthday before qualifying to receive a restricted drivers license. 
Am I required by the Kansas DLDV to do behind-the-wheel training?
Yes.  In Kansas, you must receive behind-the-wheel training from a Kansas DMV-approved professional driving school before applying for a drivers license.
How many hours of supervised driving do I have to have before I can get my Kansas drivers license?
To get a Kansas driver's license, you must accumulate 50 hours of driving practice (at least 10 of which must be at night) while accompanied by an adult, 21 years of age or older, and have those hours signed off on by your parents to verify that you've completed it. 
Can my friends ride with me after I get my Kansas learners permit?
Yes, your friends can ride with you once you have received your Kansas learners permit.  However. remember that you must always be accompanied by a licensed Kansas driver of at least 21 years of age sitting in the front passenger seat of your automobile.
Can my friends ride with me after I get my Kansas drivers license?
Once you have received your Kansas restricted drivers license, your friends can ride with you as long as a Kansas licensed driver 21 years or older accompanies you.  Certain exceptions apply if you are driving to work or school.
What's the fee for taking the Teen Driving Course Kansas online driver education class?
It depends on the season.  Please see our "course options" for an up-to-date price listing on all our Kansas online driver education courses.
If Teen Driving Course's Kansas online driver education class is not for me, can I get a refund?
Sure, you can!  At Teen Driving Course, we stand behind our products 100%.  If you decide you're not satisfied with our online class, just tell us you'd like a refund at any time before we send out your Kansas online driver education certificate of completion.  We'll gladly refund your money.
In Kansas, how many opportunities will I have to take the final exam for TeenDrivingCourseonline driver education class?

You have UNLIMITED opportunities to pass Teen Driving Course's Kansas online drivers education class final exam at no additional cost!

Can I drive alone with a learner's permit or a restricted license?
With a learner's permit, no.  You must always be accompanied by a licensed driver who's at least 25 years old. 

With a restricted license, if you are under 17, you may drive alone between the hours of 5am and 12:30am.  After these hours, a licensed, 25-year-old driver must be with you.