Passenger Restrictions for Teen Drivers

Most people are aware of popular statistics such as: car accidents are the number one cause of death for children eighteen and under. More than half of these automobile related deaths occur when a teen driver is behind the wheel. Most passenger fatalities happen when they are not wearing a seat belt and moving at forty-five miles per hour or faster.

Parents should be advised to keep their kids from catching a ride with a teen driver with less than a year experience. You can’t stress it enough to kids today that seat belts save lives and they should be worn at all times while riding in a car.

Utah has taken action to prevent teen driving fatalities. In the state of Utah it is against the law for new teen drivers to carry any passengers who are not immediate family during the first six months of driving. Most supporters believe this is a small step but in the right direction. The carefree mindset of a teen driver often gets them into dangerous situations but now laws are being made to prevent these tragedies.


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